Saturday, 3 November 2007

Cause for Celebration

There were fireworks over Lymm tonight. Not actually in celebration of my finishing the final edit of Waterloo Sunset, but from a personal point of view, they might have been.

The book is the eighth in the Harry Devlin series, but the first since 1999. It’s been about a year in the writing; quite a tricky year, because of the need to juggle fiction with pressures of the day job.

The last task was to take account of editorial input from my UK publisher, Susie Dunlop. She came up with a number of thoughts that translated into minor changes (in terms of word count) which I reckon should have a disproportionately beneficial effect on the book as a whole.

By late afternoon it was done. In good time for us to set off for the bonfire at the local rugby field and watch a dazzling display in the night sky.