Saturday, 1 March 2008

The Headhunters

I’ve just received a ring-bound proof of the latest novel by one of my all-time favourite crime writers – it’s The Headhunters, by Peter Lovesey. The book is due for hardback publication in the UK on 1 May and it features DCI Hen Mallin, whom many readers will recall from an earlier Lovesey novel, The Circle.

This is Lovesey’s thirtieth novel (I take the publishers’ word for this; I haven’t counted up myself.) It’s quite a landmark, therefore, and an appropriate moment to take stock of his achievements. No fewer than thirteen of his books have either won or been short-listed for major awards, while ten (if one includes a short story) have been televised or filmed. The majority of the latter were entries in his original Sergeant Cribb series. I enjoyed those books, which made Lovesey’s name, but I missed the television series and I’m hoping to catch up with it through the wonders of satellite televison re-runs before too long.

Peter Lovesey is to be honoured at this year’s Malice Domestic convention in Washington D.C., with a lifetime achievement award. This is richly deserved. A couple of years back, I had the privilege of being with Harry Keating and his wife Sheila when he received the same award. Unfortunately, other commitments prevent me being there to join in the celebration when Peter accepts his award. But I have absolutely no doubt that he’ll be a hugely popular honoree.

Meanwhile, I have The Headhunters to look forward to.


Elizabeth Foxwell said...

Here, here, Martin. I'm fond of Peter's historical mysteries, namely the ones with the hapless Bertie, Prince of Wales, but I also think _The False Inspector Dew_ (featuring murder with Crippen overtones on the _Mauretania_) is particularly fine. Soho Press is planning to reissue the Sgt. Cribb series--luckily for us all.

Martin Edwards said...

Yes, The False Inspector Dew is one of my favourite Loveseys, possibly top of the list. Bertie and the Seven Bodies is a hugely enjoyable pastiche of Christie. One the Edge is a good example of a darker novel of psychological suspense.

Kerrie said...

Thanks for the heads up Martin. Peter is one of my favourite writers. In fact I made him my #1 favourite in my blog posting:

Jilly said...

Thanks for mentioning this book Martin. I enjoyed 'The Circle' so I have ordered this one.

Patricia said...

Recently discovered Lovesey and have read a couple of his books, fantastic stuff. Looking forward to more.

Wish we got the TV series here!