Sunday, 20 April 2008

Ken McCoy

Ken McCoy’s latest book is called Loser, but in real life he’s clearly one of the winners. I got to know Ken and his wife through our shared membership of the Northern Chapter of the Crime Writers’ Association, and he’s a very congenial companion.

A glance at his c.v. shows the range of his accomplishments. He ran his own building company for 25 years, during which time he worked as a freelance artist, and he has become a successful after-dinner speaker, as well as appearing on television, radio and stage. He’s also found time for a family of five children while producing no fewer than thirteen novels.

Several of his books, interestingly, fall into the genre of romantic fiction. But he isn’t the only male crime writer to have ventured into this territory – a very successful example is Hugh C. Rae, who wrote a number of best-sellers as Jessica Stirling in addition to some sound thrillers.

Loser features Sam Carew, whom I first encountered in Mad Carew, a few years back. Sam is an ex-cop who has moved into the building business, but still keeps his hand in with a bit of private detective work. I’m looking forward to reading Loser, even though it does involve the savage murder of a lawyer. Then again, I’ve killed off a few lawyers myself. In fiction, that is.

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