Thursday, 29 May 2008

Creme de la Crime

The arrival of a new book by Adrian Magson is a reminder of the worthiness of his publishers, Crème de la Crime. They are a small independent press, publishing crime fiction set both in the present day and in the past. Among others, they have published Bernie Crosthwaite and David Harrison, and recent titles have come from the likes of Linda Regan, Maureen Carter and Gordon Ferris.

It seems to me that small publishers deserve every encouragement in these difficult days, for their hard work ensures that a range of capable authors reach an audience. If they didn’t exist, readers would still have the best-sellers backed by handsome marketing budgets, but the world of fiction would be poorer.

As for Adrian Magson, his latest is No Kiss for the Devil. Again, it features his regular sleuthing duo, investigative reporter Riley Gavin and ex-military policeman (now a private detective) Frank Palmer. This time, someone to whom Palmer was once close has been brutally murdered, so he has a personal stake in the investigation.

Adrian is a highly professional writer who often contributes columns offering advice for fledgling authors to writing magazines. He and I will be appearing on the same panel at Crimefest in Bristol next month (not long to go now!) Last year we both participated in a fringe session at the Harrogate Festival and it will be good to work with him again.

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Anonymous said...

There are some publishers that one is just so grateful for.
Bitter Lemon Press, Quercus, etc. Publishers who actually read the books they publish before deciding to publish them, rather than doing some sight-unseen deal with an agent.
This one sounds another interesting one for my list, thanks for posting about it.