Saturday 3 January 2009

January Magazine and Books Please

The reaction to Dancing for the Hangman since its UK publication a few weeks ago has really thrilled me. It’s a novel I loved writing, but it’s so different from my other work that I was unsure how readers would respond to it.

The enthusiastic comments made by those who have read the book have therefore been a great boost to morale. I was especially thrilled to see that January Magazine – a major online resource – included it in the list of the best books of 2008. A real thrill, given that other names in the line-up included greats such as James Lee Burke and Michael Connelly.

Here’s the link: January Magazine

And whilst I'm at it, I've been delighted to come across Books Please (newly added to the blogroll) in which The Arsenic Labyrinth is rated as one of the best books of 2008: Books Please


David Cranmer said...

That was a great review for Dancing for the Hangman... I'm looking forward to reading it.

Martin Edwards said...

Thanks very much, David.

Clare Dudman said...

I'll second that!

Martin Edwards said...

And thanks to you, Clare. Hope to see you at a Cheshire literary event before too long!