Tuesday, 21 February 2012

The Orient Express

I had lunch the other day with one of my new colleagues, a very interesting and likeable man, who told me about a trip he and his wife had recently on the Orient Express, from London to Venice. They aren't, I think, crime fans, but he is very well travelled and appreciates authenticity in his trips abroad, and seemed very happy to have done the trip.

To me, it all sounded fascinating (though evidently expensive) and I have a feeling that a Christie fan such as me really ought to do it once in his life. Murder on the Orient Express, after all, remains one of the classic crime titles, though it's by no means my personal favourite among Christie's books.

But, I'd be interested to find out whether other readers of this blog have actually ventured aboard the Orient Express, even if only for a short trip. Did it live up to expectations? Is the atmosphere still reminscent of the days of Poirot? Is the Christie connection featured on the journey in any way? I'd love to know!


Maxine said...

I have not done this trip but I did know a couple who did it in its early days (in its new incarnation of course!) and who said it was a rip-off, and not very enjoyable. But that was some years ago. I think it is sensible to get a bit of (more recent than mine!) feedback before deciding, though, as like a cruise one is kind of stuck once started.

Sarah said...

The nearest I've been to The Orient Express is a glimpse of it going past. I would like to do the oriiginal journey: Paris to Istanbul.

Elizabeth Spann Craig/Riley Adams said...

It's on my bucket list. :) I'd absolutely love to go on the Orient Express. I have a feeling that, if I do, the trip will be far into my future!

Seth Lynch said...

I haven't been on the Orient Express so nothing to report. I'd like to though.
I was just thinking that, although Christie "owns" it, it is also Graham Greene's Stamboul Train. Not one of his better books but it has these (very dated) lines:
'You are English?'
'How did you know?'
'I always like to think the best of people.'

That's from memory so may not be an exact quote.

Hannah Champion said...

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Deb said...

Have you read Andrew Eames's THE 8:55 from BAGHDAD? Its subtitle is, From London to Iraq on the Trail of Agatha Christie and the Orient Express. Eames follows the Orient Express (as much as is possible in the modern day with so much trouble in the mid-east) that Christie herself took in 1928. There are lots of interesting side stories (I thought Eames's take on modern-day Trieste could have been a book in itself) as Eames (a travel writer rather than a mystery fan) attempts to follow the route that obviously gave inspiration to Christie's book.