Wednesday 25 October 2023

The Life of Crime wins the Macavity Award

I'm delighted to report that The Life of Crime has won the Macavity award, given by Mystery Readers International, for the best critical/non-fiction book. This is the third time I've won a Macavity and The Life of Crime has received four awards in all (the others are the Edgar, the Anthony, and the CrimeFest H.R.F. Keating award) as well as being shortlisted for two more. 

It's been a unique year for me in terms of honours of this kind. It feels quite surreal, so much so at the moment that I'll save further comment for another day, when I've had time to think about everything that has happened. But I must say right now how grateful I am to those who have voted for The Life of Crime as well as to those who have given it such wonderful reviews - and of course, everyone who has read it! 

The paperback edition will come out next May. More about that on another occasion. Meanwhile, I'm off to celebrate!


marmee said...


Liz Gilbey said...

Oh! Ohohoh! This brilliant, informative, thought provoking and seriously wonderful book deserves no less. An instant classic, and just so deserving of recognition from readers, critics, fellow writers and anyone who basically just enjoys reading a book and turning the pages.
Have I said all that to you before? If not, I apologise for being so lax! Well done, young man. Onwards and upwards. Couldn't happen to a better book or a better author.

David Blyth said...

Richly deserved Martin. Your scholarship and an ability to communicate thus in an accessible manner is awesome.


Martin Edwards said...

Marmee, Liz, Dave, thank you all very much! Greatly appreciated.