Monday, 31 December 2007

2007 and all that

It’s been quite a year for me, with plenty of highlights. After a grisly January, when I succumbed to a debilitating virus, a trip to Seattle for Left Coast Crime proved hugely restorative. The recovery process was completed when I journeyed to Phoenix to celebrate the publication of The Arsenic Labyrinth with my publishers at Poisoned Pen Press, Rob Rosenwald and Barbara Peters. I stayed with Rob and Barbara while I was in Arizona and they were wonderfully hospitable.

I did a number of gigs with others during the year, but perhaps my most remarkable companion was Sandi Ault, at the Poisoned Pen book store, who brought along a wolf to keep the audience in check. It worked a treat. Sandi was a delight to meet and I was very respectful of the wolf.

Having attended quite a few lectures at Oxford in my time, at last I gave lectures there for the first time, to a group of American crime fans, on the subjects of Golden Age detective fiction, and Oxford in detective stories. For a talk to another group of American fans at the Majestic Hotel in Harrogate, I joined up with fellow Murder Squaddies Ann Cleeves and Stuart Pawson; it ws great fun. So, in a different way, was the very well-organised Cheshire WI literary lunch at which I was guest speaker.

I did an interview for Legal TV (now sadly defunct – I don’t think it’s all my fault, although if you look at the interview on my website, you may well wonder) and for various radio shows. I shall, however, draw a veil over the bizarre event I did with three notable crime writers, where not a single member of the public turned up. Just as well I wasn’t on my own – I could have become seriously paranoid about the lack of interest. But at least the company of the fellow writers was good. If more exclusive than any of us had expected.

I did more Victorian murder mystery events than ever before; word seems to be getting around and one of these days I will fulfil my promise to write another event, perhaps set in the 20s or 30s. There are photos on my website from some of the events; the brilliant set designed by Alison Morgan of the Dudson Museum at Hanley sticks out in my mind.

Between all these activities, publishing the fourth edition of the Equal Opportunities Handbook, and the day job, I just about managed to finish Waterloo Sunset and I’m much looking forward to its appearance in 2008.

Jonathan did great work on the website, and also in setting up this blog, while Catherine helped at a number of the Victorian events and Helena coped with my various crises with her usual calm. Every writer needs a supportive family, and I know I’m fortunate with mine.

And every writer also needs loyal readers and friends. Again, I’m lucky there.

So my final words of 2007 are simply these - thank you.


Jilly said...

I have your book - 'The coffin Trail' next on my pile of books to read. Happy New Year

Martin Edwards said...

Thanks, Jilly. Hope 'The Coffin Trail' pleases you and that your writing goes well in 2008.