Sunday 4 January 2009

Caught in a Trap

The ITV 1 drama Caught in a Trap was a crime story, although not a mystery, and I enjoyed it a lot. It starred Connie Fisher, previously known to me only as a singer who won a talent contest on the BBC, playing the part of Gemma Perkins, a council worker who falsifies the takings from local parking meters to fund her craving for memorabilia connected with Elvis Presley.

The impressive script, by James Graham (a young writer who is definitely a name to watch, if this is anything to go by) was inspired by a true crime. A distinction is drawn between a script ‘inspired by’ real events and those ‘based on’ those events. It seems that Graham was much taken with the essence of a story, rather than the details, and his approach seems very sensible to me.

The real life case was that of Julie Wall, a North Kesteven council employee in her 40s, reportedly a ‘mild and modest’ individual who stole over half a million pounds, mainly on Elvis-related stuff before getting her inevitable come-uppance. The fictional Gemma was an attractive 28 year old. Connie Fisher played her very well, in an under-stated yet compelling way, and was admirably supported by a strong cast, including two actors of exceptional gifts, Jim Carter and Geraldine James.

Needless to say, the drama featured a lot of Elvis songs – including two which provided titles for books in my Harry Devlin series. One was The Devil in Disguise, and the other my favourite Elvis song, Suspicious Minds – from which the highly appropriate ‘caught in a trap’ title comes.


Nan said...

It sounds great, and I hope it eventually is put on dvd so those of us over the water can see it. How I envy the programs you have over there. Even when we get them, we don't always get all the episodes, as with Blue Murder. And we get them so much later. There are some good television programs over here that we end up watching on dvd, but I sure wish the British ones were more available.

Martin Edwards said...

Hi Nan. I know the feeling. Only now am I catching up with the old Ellery Queens shown in the US in the 1970s. As for Caught in a Trap, I didn't know what to expect, but it made a very positive impressiona and I think you'd enjoy it.

Anonymous said...

Hi Nan this will be available on DVD From 10.02.09 at here in the UK.