Monday 8 March 2010

Original Sins?

I’m hoping to conclude a deal shortly that will result in two new Crime Writerss’ Association anthologies, under my editorship. The last CWA anthology, M.O.: crimes of method, appeared almost two years ago, and although family and work issues have limited the time I have available for progressing the anthology since then, I’m delighted that a new project is about to take shape.

A number of Dagger-winning authors are already on board, and I’ve already received a brand new story from one of them. I can’t say too much about it just at the moment, but it’s a characteristically witty and clever piece of work from a great entertainer. If other submissions reach the same standard, the book will be marvellous.

One of the great pleasures of editing such a book is the chance to see new work by very good writers before anyone else – a privilege that I value. One tricky task, though, is coming up with a suitable title. My current idea is Original Sins, but if anyone has a great alternative suggestion, (or an idea for the title of the companion volume) I’d be very glad to hear it!

Meanwhile, there has been more lovely reaction to The Serpent Pool. The book, and I, were featured in ‘The Westmorland Gazette’, the Cumbrian newspaper that Thomas De Quincey himself once edited. And further generous reviews have appeared in Shots Magazine and elsewhere, and have included a truly gratifying one from the very prestigious The Literary Review. Here is an extract:

‘Interesting titbits about a former local resident, Thomas De Quincey, skilled evocation of landscape, and a clever plot add up to an excellent read.’


Anonymous said...

Martin - Those new anthologies sound absolutely wonderful! I look forward to updates on their progress, and of course, to the final product : ).

Paul Beech said...

Martin – I shall be keeping my fingers crossed that you clinch the deal for the two new anthologies. I think your suggested title ‘Original Sins’ would do very nicely for the first. How about ‘Chillers: tales of gothic crime’ for the second?

I’ve sometimes speculated on what might have resulted had Conan Doyle collaborated with M. R. James – tales of gothic crime, perhaps? Mysteries with the trappings of supernatural terror but each with a rational explanation finally revealed.

I can think of several modern authors who’d be equal to the challenge and would love to see an anthology in which Christopher Fowler rubbed shoulders with Robert Barnard, Phil Rickman with Peter Lovesey, Glenn Chandler with Sophie Hannah, Peter James with Peter Robinson, Denis MacEion with…perhaps with yourself, Martin!

Cosy crime it would not be, but a riveting anthology for sure!



Ann Elle Altman said...

Those anthologies sound wonderful and when you do publish it, I will purchase them.


Elizabeth Spann Craig said...

Oh, that sounds like a wonderful deal Martin! I hope it all works out...what fantastic anthologies they'll be!

Mystery Writing is Murder

pattinase (abbott) said...

Glad things are going well for you, Martin. After many short stories, I am beginning to get invited to submit stories to anthologies too so that's been nice for me. Six in the last six months.

Martin Edwards said...

Many thanks for these comments.
Paul, some of the names you mention are likely to feature, all being well. And the Conan Doyle/MR James idea is fascinating.
Patti - six in six months is some going - congratulations.