Tuesday 31 August 2010


While I was on holiday, the chance arose to see James Cameron’s acclaimed movie Avatar in a large shipboard cinema, and so – although I hadn’t planned to watch the film any time soon- I grabbed the opportunity. And I’m very glad I did, even without 3-D glasses to admire the amazing special effects.

It’s essentially an adventure story, with various classis elements. In 2154, a paralysed ex-marine, Jake Sully, replaces his recently deceased twin brother in a mission to distant Pandora, a mysterious place that has natural resource (the oddly named Unobtanium) needed by visitors from the dying Earth. Pandora is home to the Na’vi, and the idea is for Jake and colleagues to morph into avatars who are human-Na’vi hybrids, with a view to establishing links with the indigenous tribe.

Jake falls for a Na’vi lady, and the tribe’s way of life, but this precipitates a furious battle between the incomers (led by a caricatured military hard man) and the natives. The messages of the script may be unsophisticated, and the script is at times banal – I can’t understand why you would spend so much money on spectacular visuals and then settle for tin-eared dialogue - but the action is engrossing. Even though the film is very long, I was never bored.

Sam Worthington and Sigourney Weaver are effective in their lead roles, but the lasting memory I will take from Avatar is of Cameron’s brilliance as a film-maker. His movie is a fine piece of light entertainment, and literally wonderful to watch.


Anonymous said...

Martin - That's exactly my read on the film: it was beautiful to watch. The cinematography was superb, I thought. Dialogue aside, it was a well-done movie, I thought.

K said...

Great review! I've seen this film both in 3D and 2D and really enjoyed both versions. However, if you can get the opportunity to watch 'Avatar' in 3D, I really recommend it, because it's amazing.

aguja said...

I wondered about Avatar. I have not seen it, yet, but from your post and the comments, I think that now is time to watch it, as summer turns to autumn.

Elizabeth Spann Craig said...

I've only seen it on a DVD, but my son loved watching it in a theater with 3-D glasses. It's essentially a Pocahontas story, but well-done!

Jean Henry Mead said...

I've watched it twice on DVD and loved it. It's one of my all-time favorite films. I look forward to watching it in 3D.

Jean Henry Mead

Denise Covey said...

Avatar in 3D is a wonderful experience. The colours are ethereal. I saw it on an IMAX screen and was transported to another world for a couple of hours..:)

Martin Edwards said...

Margot and Spangle, thanks for your shared enthusiasm.
Aguja, yes, definitely worth seeing!
Elizabeth, Pocahontas it is!
Jean Henry, me too.
L'Aussie - greetings. You've made me want to see it in 3D too now!