Monday 22 November 2010

Origiinal Sins

Today sees the official publication by Severn House of my latest anthology for the CWA, Original Sins. I'm pleased with the book, and I think it offers a really good mix of stories and authors, with characters from no fewer than five well-loved series making an appearance. I'm extremely grateful for the contributions of a terrific line-up of writers. A word of thanks, too, for the publishers, who have done a very good job of work.

There is an intro from me, and a foreword by Tom Harper, chair of the CWA. Here are the stories:

Simon Brett – Doctor Theatre

Ann Cleeves – Beastly Pleasures

Martin Edwards – Clutter

Kate Ellis – Feather

Chris Ewan – Art of Negotiation

Christopher Fowler – Bryant and May in the Soup

Sophie Hannah – The Asking Price

Tim Heald – Dukws and Drakes

Reginald Hill – Where Are All the Naughty People?

Peter Lovesey - Ghosted

Rick Mofina – The Last Pursuit

Barbara Nadel – Two Stars

Christine Poulson – Fishy Story

Chris Simms – Tick Tock

Zoe Sharp – Rules of Engagement

Andrew Taylor – Little Russia

Charles Todd - Yesterday

Laura Wilson – Precious Things

By the way, tomorrow, in the hope it will entertain/amuse you, I'll post a bit more information about Anthony Berkeley's complicated life.


Anonymous said...

Martin - Thanks for this information. The cover looks great, and you have a terrific lineup of contributors. I will definitely be on the lookout for a copy...

Morgenländer said...

I'm quite a fan of Berkeley/Iles.

The novel I like best is "The Piccadilly Murder" - it's a old-fashioned puzzle, but with more than one twist, and quite amusing.

I'm looking forward to learn more about the life of this strangely neglected mystery writer.

Fiona said...

This looks a 'Must have' Martin; lots of great names there! And a bonus post from you tomorrow to look forward to...the week is starting well :)

Nik Morton said...

Yes, a good lineup indeed - and a very clever cover. Congratulations, Martin.

Bill Carlin said...

This looks like an amazingly entertaining anthology, Martin. I've just ordered it on line and can't wait for it to arrive.The football referees are on strike in Scotland this weekend so this is a certainty for Saturday afternoon / evening accompanied by a glass of "Glen Morangie".

Elizabeth Spann Craig said...

Sounds like a fantastic anthology, Martin! Congratulations on the release. :)

Paul Beech said...

Martin – Congratulations on the publication of ‘Original Sins.’ Bet it’s almost as exciting as publication of one of your novels, isn’t it? And why not, because a well put together anthology is a literary achievement in its own right.

Well written crime stories at the short length are exhilarating to read. But a good anthology is greater than the sum of its parts, I think. The individual stories, with their contrasting styles, written around a common theme, somehow gain from their juxtaposition. Good anthologies, as well as bringing on favourite authors to savour again, also introduce us to writers we haven’t tried before, and this is surely another big plus. A good introduction is important, of course; also good contributor biographies. And personally I like story prefaces too.

You’ve edited so many anthologies, Martin, that I wonder if you might do a blog post on the anthologist’s art some day? I’m sure it would be well received.

Needless to say, I shall be putting ‘Original Sins’ on my Christmas list!

Regards, Paul

Martin Edwards said...

Very many thanks for your comments.
Bill, good choice of drink too!
Paul, a kind suggestion - I shall do such a post!
Morgenlander, I have read that one, though long ago, and I liked it too.

Dorte H said...

What a list of contributors! Congratulation, Martin, and I think this one will have to go on the Christmas wish list.