Friday, 20 January 2012

Remembering Two Stars

A time for reflection, today. Along with Jessica Mann, I was interviewed for Radio 4's obituary programme, Last Word, which aired this afternoon and which featured a tribute to Reg Hill. There were some quotes from interviews with Reg himself, and it was sad and strange to think that I won't be hearing that distinctive, civilised voice again.

And today, Etta James died. Evidently someone who had a very troubled life, to put it mildly, but a great singer. My favourite of her recordings, although it was never a hit, and is little known, is Waiting For Charlie To Come Home. It's a superb song, and you can hear it on Youtube - there is also a very good version by Trinitje Oosterhuis, and quite a good one by Karima, but Etta James' original remains definitive. How sad, again, that we won't be hearing that voice again, but at least we have the recordings.


Anonymous said...

Martin - I am so sorry to hear of Etta James' death, too. Thank you for featuring her here.

seana graham said...

Thank you, Martin. I lost an older friend this week and I am happy to think of him sitting in some celestial realm in the divine presence of Etta James.

I don't see either of them with harps.

Deb said...

As I said on George Kelly's blog, I hope Etta is belting out "Tell Mama" up there right now!