Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Crimefest 2012

I’m just back from a few days away, spent in a very sunny Bristol. The main focus of the trip was Crimefest 2012, and the organisers did an excellent job, as ever, with the result that this year’s convention was perhaps the best so far – and I’ve enjoyed them all.

On Thursday I moderated , once again, the panel on Forgotten Authors. Peter Guttridge, Caroline Todd, John Curran and Dolores Gordon-Smith did a great job in enthusing the audience for a range of writers, including Helen McCloy (who is definitely on my must-read list), Ira Levin and R.Austin Freeman. I’m really pleased this panel is so popular  - in fact, I’ve been asked to moderate it yet again next year...

My second panel was on Sunday. This time Peter was the moderator and our theme was “past and present”. Tom Harper, Penny Hancock (whom I hadn’t met before, a very pleasant lady who has made a big splash with her debut novel) and Kate Ellis were my fellow panellists.  Great fun.

Peter featured yet again in the Mastermind quiz – and this year, he was the winner, pipping Peter Rozovsky by the narrowest of margins. Rhian Davies, a blogger of note, and Jake Kerridge, one of our most knowledgeable reviewers, were the other contestants, and all of them deserve congratulation: sitting in that black chair can be a real ordeal, believe me.

On a personal level, I was thrilled that no fewer than four stories which have appeared in books I have edited were short-listed for the CWA Short Story Dagger. My warmest congratulations to Cath Staincliffe, Margaret Murphy, Claire Seeber and Bernie Crosthwaite. Of course, the greatest joy was to meet old friends and make new ones, and my abiding memories will include a host of fascinating conversations with people who –whatever their differences of background – share a love of crime fiction.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful time, Martin! That's fabulous. Hope you'll be sharing some 'photos.

Peter Rozovsky said...

I thank you for staying out of the competition and letting the rest of us move up one place each.

Janet O'Kane said...

It was lovely to see you there again this year, Martin. I can only apologise for being so rubbish at the quiz. I suspect Rhian won't be inviting me back into your team next year.
I had a marvellous time and recommend CrimeFest to any crime fiction fan. It's a very friendly event and extremely well organised.

Bill Carlin said...

I'm really glad that you enjoyed Crimefest, Martin.
All being well Anne and I will be back on track next year. Hopefully I'll be able to buy you a Glenmorangie as thanks for your excellent blogging !

Dorte H said...

Apropos of Peter´s comment:


"Are you ready for the first question?"

Plonk. Arty Mugworth´s face landed slap-bang right in the middle of his shepherd´s pie, and his pint of Old Peculier spattered across the table.

"Come on, let´s have it," a jittery woman hissed.

"Shouldn´t we just check if Arty´s okay first?" Peter Gotitright tried.

"Nope. Let´s get on with it." All the concentrated pub guests shook their heads, some quite vehemently.

"What was the name of Philip Marlowe´s first girlfriend?" Gotitright asked.

At the table next to Arty´s, Vera Stronghope shrugged a few drops of Old Peculier off her crumpled mac.

"Finally a fair chance to win this year´s pub quiz, pet" she whispered to Charlie Fox next to her.

Martin Edwards said...

Thanks, everyone.
Janet, you were fine. Only sorry we didn't get longer to have a chat. It's all a bit hectic at these events, I find. Glad you enjoyed it.
Bill, see you next year!

bookwitch said...

Have your ears been burning, Martin? People are busy discussing you at my place.
Seana and Peter were up all night getting their barristers and lawyers sorted out.

Martin Edwards said...

Hi Bookwitch, thanks for telling me! In fact, solicitors do advocacy too, and I used to do a lot in the employment tribunals, though I gave up some years ago.

Peter Rozovsky said...

I should mention that I not only enjoy the Forgotten Authors panels at Crimefest, but I find them useful. One such panel finally got me reading James McClure, who has since become one of my favorite crime writers. And I bought Payment Deferred at this year's festival based on Peter Guttridge's recommendation. I hope the panels continue.
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