Monday 20 March 2023

The Popular Culture Association and the Dove Award

I am honoured to be able to report that the Popular Culture Association of the United States has awarded me this year's George N. Dove award. The PCA has been in existence for more than half a century, but I imagine that some British readers will be unfamiliar with it, so this is its stated mission: 'to promote the study of popular culture throughout the world through the establishment and promotion of conferences, publications, and discussion. The PCA actively tries to identify and recruit new areas of scholarly exploration and to be open to new and innovative ideas. PCA is both inter-disciplinary and multi-disciplinary. Finally, the PCA believes all scholars should be treated with dignity and respect.'

As for the award,  bestowed for 'outstanding contributions to the serious study of mystery, detective, and crime fiction', is named after George N. Dove. He was a past president of the Popular Culture Association, and author of outstanding books on detective fiction. I have some of them in my possession and two of them feature in the select bibliography of The Life of Crime.

Naturally, most of the previous winners have been Americans, and they include such luminaries as Professor Doug Greene and Janet Rudolph of Mystery Readers International. Among the British winners have been P.D. James, H.R.F. Keating, and Julian Symons. Suffice to say that I am proud to be in such company.

It is always a great honour to have one's writing recognised and to be appreciated by such a notable American organisation gives me a special thrill. The detailed nominations made wonderful reading - a marvellous boost to morale and hugely motivating. Onward and upward!  



marmee said...

many congratulations!

Mark said...

Thoroughly deserved.

Steve said...

Wonderful news, Martin. Congratulations!

Liz Gilbey said...

What wonderful news! To get acclaim across the pond is especially significant, as it is a serious indication of even wider acclaim and appreciation than you have worked so hard for and gained already. Today America, tomorrow - the world. Onwards and upwards indeed. (I should think so, too!!)

ANNETTE said...

Wow Martin, what brilliant news!! Huge congratulations, and thoroughly well-deserved!

Martin Edwards said...

Thanks, everyone!

Paul Beech said...

Wow, Martin, talk about going from strength to strength! Huge congratulations on winning this year’s George N. Dove award. The PCA couldn’t have chosen better.

With ‘The Golden Age of Murder’, ‘The Story of Classic Crime in 100 Books’ and of course ‘The Life of Crime’, you have unquestionably made an “outstanding contribution to the serious study of mystery, detective and crime fiction”, much to the delight of enthusiasts like me.

By the way, on the subject of crime fiction studies, I was pleased to find in the Select Bibliography to ‘The Life of Crime’ a reference to William Vivian Butler. I enjoyed ‘The Durable Desperadoes’ years ago and have a treasured copy on my shelf.

Congrats again,


Maureen sends best wishes too.

Martin Edwards said...

Thanks, Paul - and Maureen! Of course I'm very happy about the award and I do appreciate your kind words. Might you be going to Alibis this year?