Sunday, 28 October 2007

A Chance Encounter

Earlier this year, along with a number of other British crime writers, I was invited to be interviewed on Legal TV as part of a series they were making about the contemporary mystery fiction. I drove down to the studios in Birmingham and was duly interrogated (very gently) by Raychel Harvey Jones – the result is to be found on my website.

But the real highlight of the trip was quite unexpected. Whilst I was waiting to go on, I started talking to another crime writer who was there for the same purpose, someone I hadn’t met before. This turned out to be Pauline Rowson, who had travelled up from Hampshire with her husband and, although I wasn’t familiar with her work at that point, I enjoyed our conversation. Pauline was interviewed immediately before me and I was struck by her very polished performance. It therefore came as no surprise when I learned that her previous books include one called Building a Positive Media Profile.

Pauline is now focusing on crime fiction and doing so with such impressive professionalism that I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before her books become widely known. They are ‘marine mysteries’ and I’ve just laid my hands on the most recent paperback, In for the Kill. It’s a lively first person revenge thriller, which derives strength from Pauline’s obvious love and knowledge of boats and the sea. Pauline’s blog – see the links – is well worth keeping an eye on. In fact, she is one of those whose example inspired me to have a crack at blogging myself.

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Leigh Russell said...

Thank you for your blog comments.

I'm new to writing and it's very helpful to read comments from someone with your experience. I agree wholeheartedly with what you say about listening to constructive criticism. I'm not at all "precious" about my writing. The best scenario is to be given advice by someone whose judgement you trust but I agree, if you listen to too many people it could be confusing. So far, the only people who've read my work are my publisher and my editor!

I love the idea of murder mystery events. I wouldn't have the expertise or confidence to do that myself, but it's a great idea.

If you have a moment, I'd appreciate your comments on the cover design for my first book which I've managed to put on my blog.

I don't write under my own name, by the way.