Saturday, 13 October 2007


Welcome to a brand new blog.

The aim is to share my enthusiasm for crime fiction, and the craft of writing. From childhood, I dreamed of becoming a crime novelist - and I love being part of a fascinating world.

I’m not only a writer, but a fan, and I’ll have lots to say about lots of terrific and often overlooked books and films, past and present. As for my own writing life, I’ll share the frustrations - and also the pleasures. If this blog encourages any would-be writers among you to keep at it, I’ll be delighted.

I’ve just finished Waterloo Sunset, set in Liverpool and the eighth Harry Devlin novel. I’m hoping it will come out in the spring, and right now I await the verdict of my UK editor, Susie Dunlop….


Juliet said...

Wow - welcome to the world of Blogging, Martin! Just back from my hols - will catch up soon.

Sue Ward said...

This is really impressive,I really enjoyed our catch up - great to meet the writer who finished my father's book so seamlessly.
Sue Ward - daughter of Bill Knox