Friday, 8 August 2008

Short stories again

Sarah Hilary was good enough to send me a copy of the Fish Anthology 2008, Harlem River Blues and other stories, in which a couple of her own short pieces appear; they have the very different, yet equally fascinating, settings of Lizzie Borden’s home town, and Eyam, the Derbyshire plague village. I’ve never been to Fall River, but I do know Eyam, and it’s a fascinating spot in one of England’s most under-rated counties.

As well as Sarah’s entries, there are plenty of other enjoyable things in this book, which brings together a wide range of talented writers; the choices were made by a panel of judges, including Philip Gooden, a recent former Chairman of the Crime Writers’ Association.

This week I’ve been asked to do a couple of radio interviews this week on the subject of short stories – Radio Merseyside on Wednesday, GMR (Manchester) today. On Wednesday I talked in particular about the short story competition which my firm is sponsoring – the theme of the stories is ‘justice’ – to celebrate Liverpool’s European Capital of Culture Year. For anyone interested in submitting, the final date for entries is 31 August.

Chris High has kindly provided this link to the interview:
Radio Interview

Finally, this is (can’t quite believe it but Blogger stats never lie – or do they?) my 300th blog post. Thanks to everyone who has commented or encouraged me to keep going. Much appreciated.


Sarah Hilary said...

Happy 300th Blog, Martin! I'm glad you're enjoying the Fish Anthology.

Juliet said...

Congratulations on your 300th post! Sorry I'm late - I've been rather out of the blogosphere with pressures of work and school hols this last couple of weeks. An interesting post (of sensible length) every single day - how do you do it???

Martin Edwards said...

Thanks, both of you!