Thursday, 21 August 2008

Waterloo Sunset

The paperback edition of Waterloo Sunset will soon have its official publication – I gather this is to be 28 August. I’m pleased with the reaction so far to the cover, even though the artwork is very different from that used for my recent books, including the hardback edition of this particular title.

I’m really delighted, too, with a generous review of the book that has just appeared in the Morning Star. It is so difficult these days for a mid-list author such as me to be noticed by a press reviewer, when review space is constantly reducing. This is one of the reasons why, it seems to me, the internet in general and blogging specifically are of such great importance to those of us who aren’t best-sellers.

Here is what the Morning Star has to say, after describing the story-line:

‘This is a very welcome return for Edwards’ original and best series character. As ever, the novel is carefully plotted and topical and Devlin is a charmingly human hero.’

Returning to Devlin after such a long break was in some ways a gamble. I’m very glad that the response from readers and reviewers on both sides of the Atlantic has been so positive. I do find writing about poor, long-suffering Harry to be a great deal of fun.


Xavier said...

Let us hope it finds its way to France someday. I'd really like my friends to read your books.

Anonymous said...

So glad to read this news, Martin, and glad also that WS is doing (deservedly) well.
For complicated reasons I had to hang around in a wet central London for a few hours last night, so I popped into Foyles. I'm please to report that not only were a few copies of WS on the shelves but also quite a few Lake Districts. (Not too many, just enough!)

Martin Edwards said...

Thanks, Xavier - I'll keep my fingers crossed. I would love to be published in France.

And thanks, Maxine - good to know!

Kerrie said...

Hello Martin. Just letting you know that my review of WATERLOO SUNSET is up at