Sunday, 26 December 2010

New books in 2011

I’m looking forward rather eagerly to a number of publications next year. When I first became a published author, I got a real kick out of seeing my manuscript turned into a ‘proper book’, and I’ve not lost the thrill of the experience, thank goodness. It really is exhilarating. The Serpent Pool appears in paperback in the UK early in January, and given the extensive and favourable reviews of the hardback edition, I’m hoping that reaction will again be very positive.

The Hanging Wood will appear, at least in the US, under the Poisoned Press imprint. I’m not yet sure what is likely to happen in the UK. Around the same time, my German publishers will bring out The Serpent Pool. Here is the proposed cover. The title, in translation, is ‘To Dust and Ashes’.

Take My Breath Away will be published by Five Star in the US in June, and although the book was written eight years ago, I’m absolutely delighted it’s having a fresh life. Of all my novels, it’s the one which I think was the most under-rated. Of course, it may be that authors are not the best judges of their own work. But even so...

On the anthology front, there should be a limited collectors’ edition of the CWA anthology, Original Sins. And the follow up to that collection, Guilty Consciences, may be out in May. I hope so, as it would mean we could launch it at Crimefest. But there’s still some work to be done before we can know for sure....


Alistair Macfarlane said...

This is all excellent news. As long as you can make some money from it!
As we have discussed before, you don't make anything from used sales. So any new releases must be a good thing, regardless of how old the original source is.
Really looking forward to the new book. Thanks again for turning me on to Reginald Hill!
The Woodcutter was an amazing book!

Anonymous said...

Martin - This is very good news. I look forward to The Hanging Wood very much.

aguja said...

But money or no money ... the thrill is the same and it is the fact that the books are being read that is the most important, in my opinion.

Well done, Martin!

Martin Edwards said...

Thanks, Alistair, Margot and Aguja!

Janet O'Kane said...

I'm glad to learn that the thrill of having a book published doesn't diminish. A friend (sadly no longer with us) told me that seeing her first one on the bookshelves far surpassed the joy of having a baby. I've not experienced either of these events, and am now too old for one but still hope for the other!
The best of luck in all your endeavours in 2011, Martin.

Anonymous said...

Hi Martin,

I never heard your book title The Hanging Wood?

I have all your books except Take My Breath Away(will buy together with Serpen Pool later),Serpent Pool(waiting for paperback),The Hanging Wood(new to me),the book that you have co-written,The Crippen and the anthologies for short stories.

Please make a post about the book you have co-written.I am intrigued.

Please advise.


Best Wishes from your silent fan,

Martin Edwards said...

Thanks, Janet. I hope 2011 sees you achieving that pleasure of publication!

Martin Edwards said...

Greetings, silent fan, and good to hear from you! I will certainly do a blog post about The Lazarus Widow, the book I wrote with Bill Knox.