Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Back in Britain

I'm back from a wonderful cruise in the Eastern Mediterranean, and acclimatising to a drop in temperature of about 15 degrees Celsius, but I think I should apologise for not being able to post any of your comments, let alone reply to them, while I was away. I did have limited access to the internet, but Blogger refused to allow me any access to this blog. Since returning, I've had to change my password and the Blogger site leads me to believe their service is now being revamped and improved. We'll see.

Apart from visiting many marvellous places, and eating too much food, I also read five crime novels and watched a couple of films that will provide material for future blog posts. And I started a short story inspired by one of our ports of call, the amazing island Santorini.

The photos, by the way, indicate sunsets over the bay at Rhodes, the Aegean Sea, the bay of Naples. And there's a shot of the windmills at Mykonos, another overlooking the blue grotto at Capri as well as one of one ancient ruin visiting another ancient ruin at Ephesus.


Margot Kinberg said...

Martin - Looks as though you had a lovely holiday. I'm so glad you enjoyed it and that you're safely back. And your unpleasant experience with Blogger reminds me yet again how glad I am to have switched to WordPress.

seana said...

Love those windmills.