Monday 13 August 2018

Gallows Court

Receiving an advance copy of one's latest book is always exciting, and the arrival of a first copy of Gallows Court is a very special moment for me. Partly because I worked on it for such a long time, mostly for the connected reason that it's such a departure for me as a crime writer.

Head of Zeus have worked tirelessly on the jacket artwork. This is always an important part of the process, and I've been hugely impressed by the attention they've given to it. A wide range of designs were considered in the search for something that captured the flavour of a 1930s thriller, and I'm really pleased with the outcome of their efforts.

I've talked to Crime Time about the book; my thanks to them for commissioning the interview. And I'm thrilled by the reaction of a number of leading authors who read the book at proof stage. More about what they've had to say on another occasion.

It's all very exciting, and Head of Zeus have kindly arranged a launch in central London on 18 September which should be great fun. If any readers are interested in attending, let me know either by email or by commenting on this post and I'll see if an invitation can be sorted out.


Jonathan said...

Thanks for the heads-up, Martin. I’m looking forward to “Gallows Court” appearing on my local Kindle store. Could I ask if you’ve written it as a GA-style puzzle or thriller, or both?

morriscar said...

Yippee - just pre-ordered Kindle edition via Amazon. Can’t wait!

Paul Beech said...

Hi Martin, great to have an update on ‘Gallows Court’.

The cover artwork certainly is eye-catching in a 30s period way, suggesting menace in London’s foggy byways… and promising something very different from the author of the Lake District mysteries, brilliant and hugely enjoyable though they are.

Rachel Savernake, your beautiful ruthless heiress, sounds a most compelling character and well paired with Jacob Flint, the keen young journalist hot on her heels.

I eagerly await publication though unfortunately September is so jam-packed with commitments for me (including the launch of a poetry anthology that my partner Maureen and I are both in) that I shan’t be able to make it to your launch in London.

Will be delighted to review ‘Gallows Court’ on Amazon when I get a chance though.

My very best,


Kathy Reel said...

Martin, I'm assuming that with the publication date of September 6th here in the states, Gallows Court will be available for purchase at Bouchercon. I'm planning on buying it there so you can sign it. So looking forward to it, and I love the cover!

Martin Edwards said...

Jonathan, it's a thriller in style, but there are several puzzles within the story.

Martin Edwards said...

Morriscar, thank you!

Martin Edwards said...

Paul, thanks very much and I'm sure our paths will cross again before long.

Martin Edwards said...

Kathy, there's been a change of plan, and the book will not now come out in the US until spring, for reasons beyond my control. But thank you and I look forward to meeting you again soon!