Monday 8 June 2009

Dancing again

Dancing for the Hangman is due to be published in the United States towards the end of this year. I’ve just received this preview of the front cover, which seems good to me The publishers are Five Star, who have also published two of my Harry Devlin novels in the States (the Lake District Mysteries are published by Poisoned Pen Press.)

Dancing took quite a while to bring out, but I’m really pleased with the reaction to it in the UK. I’ve just received the latest issue of CADS – a magazine I’ll talk more about before long, because this issue is crammed with fascinating things, as usual – and although the main focus is on books of the past, there’s a nice review of Dancing for the Hangman. All the more pleasing because the reviewer, magazine Geoff Bradley, is someone whose opinion I value, because he never heaps praise on books he has doubts about.

Here’s part of what Geoff said:

‘I’m not really one for true crime and I know very little of the Crippen case, but I did find this novel fascinating. The author manages to get inside Crippen in such a way as to make his personality, inadequacies and motivations clear…I must confess I wasn’t expecting to enjoy this book, but enjoy it I did. – very much so. Using the real story with the fictionalised insights into Crippen’s own mind make for a winning combination and a book which I highly commend.’


Dorte H said...

A very appealing cover - I would certainly be tempted - and congratulations on the fine review.

Martin Edwards said...

Thanks, Dorte. It's all good for morale, which of course is very fragile in all us writers!

vegetableduck said...

A very attractive jacket, will be sure to get a copy. I would still like to compare with Catherine Meadows. I am personally aware of Geoff's antipathy to true crime, so his you must have made quite an impression!

Martin Edwards said...

Thanks, Curt. I still can't find Henbane anywhere!