Wednesday 5 May 2010


A short time ago, I was invited to contribute a monthly column to a new online venture known as Bookdagger. The dilemma was this. I really am rather over-worked at the moment, but on the other hand, Bookdagger looked good and I did fancy being involved with it.

So, needless to say, I succumbed to temptation. The subject I chose for my first piece was that of writing duos, and you can see what you think of my effort here.

I'm conscious, incidentally, that the photo I've used for this blog and my website is out of date. So maybe I'll get round to replacing it with another before long - possibly the slightly menacing Bookdagger version, taken a few weeks ago, unless it is greeted by howls of derision that are really too much to bear!

I'm currently working on the next Bookdagger column, and it will appear soon. All being well.


Anonymous said...

Martin - A fine, fine post - thank you : ). I'll now make Bookdagger one of my blog stops.

Max Henry said...

Cheers Martin, thanks for your thought provoking post. Other writing duos now spring to mind like the mother & daughter crime writing partnership P J Tracy. James Patterson is said to have myriad collaborations on the go at any given time, which is surprising as I detect a sameness in his recent publications. My amateur scribblings remain a partnership of me and the OED. Best wishes, Max

Unknown said...

I will check out your piece on Bookdagger.

I'm sure it's great.


Anonymous said...

I'd happily set my daughter on you, with her camera. You're not that far away.

Martin Edwards said...

Many thanks for your comments.
Max, an excellent line about OED, I may want to nick it!
Thanks, Ann
Bookwitch, a good offer! And when I said out of date, I meant massively out of date! But I loved that Aran jersey, knitted for me by my beloved Mum.