Tuesday 21 September 2010


Claustrophobia is a key element in many good mysteries, and what could be more claustrophobic than being trapped in a lift? This is the classic premise of the 2007 film Blackout, which I’ve just seen.

Two men and a woman enter a lift in an apartment block and find themselves trapped. It’s a holiday week-end, and the block is deserted. How can they escape? While they try to adjust to their grim situation, we learn more of their backstories, all of which have elements of the sinister.

The woman, who has asthma, has been involved with a dying relative and is splashed with blood, one of the men had a bust-up with his girlfriend’s father, and the other man is a doctor, whose wife recently died in tragic circumstances. It soon becomes evident that at least one of the characters is not what they seem.

There is some very graphic violence in this movie, but it’s a fairly gripping story, with good performances from Amber Tamblyn (daughter of Russ, who was in West Side Story) and Aiden Gillan. Not for the squeamish, and certainly very dark, but worth watching.


Deb said...

Sounds somewhat similar to a new movie (I don't think it's been released yet) that I've seen advertised here in the States. It's called "Devil" and it's about a group of people stuck in an elevator who must not let the elevator become completely dark--so everyone uses their cell phones for light until, one by one, the cell phone batteries die.

Anonymous said...

Martin - Thanks for this review. I must confess, I didn't see the film when it came out because as you say, it is graphically violent. Still, the plot premise is fascinating, and I've heard it was well-acted. Perhaps I'll give it a go.

Elizabeth Spann Craig said...

I'm a little squeamish, I'll admit! I like the premise of the movie, though...and I love it when characters aren't what they seem to be.

Martin Edwards said...

Thanks for these comments. I'll look out for Devil,Deb.