Thursday 23 September 2010

Original Sins

Here is the cover artwork for the forthcoming CWA anthology Original Sins, which I edited, and which is to be published by Severn House. I really like the jacket, and the book, due out officially in a few weeks' time, has been introduced to the press already.

One of the pleasures of working with Severn House on this project has been the chance to see Kate Lyall Grant, who was my editor at Hodder for a while. She took the Harry Devlin series to Hodder, and also reprinted the first four books in paperback, some years after Transworld/Bantam had published the original paperback editions. So I do like her taste in crime fiction!

A bit of news is that Severn House have taken over the Creme de la Crime imprint, which Kate willbe editing. I've written before about my admiration for Lynn Patrick's efforts in creating the Creme list, and it will be in safe hands with Kate.

One further bit of news which I'm really pleased about is that there will be a de luxe signed limited edition of Original Sins, to be published by Scorpion Press.Scorpion produced lovely books, and many of them have become collectors' items. This one also includes a special tribute to the late Lionel Davidson written by Scorpion's Michael Johnson.


Anonymous said...

Martin - Thanks for sharing. The cover art looks terrific, and what great contributors! I wish you much success with it.

Sarah Hilary said...

Terrific cover, Martin, congratulations! I look forward to reading the anthology.

Fiona said...

Very clever 'smoking gun' motif! I'm busy collecting the previous anthologies so will be sure to buy this one while it's readily obtainable.

Dorte H said...

Ah, a gun put to good use for once!
Cool design, and I agree that Kate Lyall Grant must have a great taste.

Christine said...

Wow! A very good cover - and I am thrilled to be on it.

Paul Beech said...

Hi Martin – Smart cover and a great line-up; can’t wait to get my hands on a copy! I love crime fiction at the short length and ‘Original Sins’ looks like a highly entertaining and varied anthology.

I’ve just returned from holiday on the south coast, and one of the places visited was Lyme Regis. It was there, at the Antiques & Craft Centre opposite the Cobb, that I found a second-hand copy of ‘Perfectly Criminal’, the first CWA annual anthology under your editorship, dating from 1996.

I see that Ian Rankin’s contribution ‘Herbert In Motion’ went on to win a CWA Dagger. Wonder whether there’ll turn out to be a Dagger or two, or perhaps a ‘Best of British Mysteries’, amongst the tales in your new book. Wonder, also, whether any of the contributors have used their piece as a test bed for a future series character, as John Harvey did in ‘Snow, Snow, Snow’, where Will Grayson and Helen Walker appeared for the first time.

I like your story ‘Where Do You Get Your Ideas?’ I spotted the origin of your blog title of course; also possibly the origin of your new anthology’s title in the description of Gerard Bubb’s character, the lapsed Catholic Inspector Dooley. Just relieved to read that there’s no resemblance between yourself and your fictional author…!

Good luck with ‘Original Sins’. Hope ‘Guilty Consciences’ will be following soon.

Regards, Paul

Martin Edwards said...

I'm very grateful for all your kind words.
Paul, well spotted!!