Monday, 27 December 2010

Christmas in Cheshire

I've always celebrated Christmas in Cheshire, but I've never known one as white (or as cold!) as this year's! Here are some photos I took while walking out on the 25th. And I hope the festivities have been going well for the readers of this blog.


Mason Canyon said...

Beautiful photos. It's seems to be colder and whiter all over this year. We had snow on Christmas Day and it's still here. Hope your holiday is going well.

Thoughts in Progress

Anonymous said...

Martin - How lovely! Thanks for sharing those winter scenes. I really do miss snow at this time of year, so I appreciate your sending some virtual snow :-).

Unknown said...

Amazing photos! Nothing nicer than a British White Christmas :)

Vanda Symon said...

A picture postcard perfect Christmas day! Great pics Martin.

Down here in the deep summery southern hemisphere we had warmth, sun and BBQs!

Paul Beech said...

Nice pics, Martin. I also celebrated Christmas in Cheshire – a two-day family get-together in Calveley. Enjoyed a brisk walk along the Shropshire Union towpath to Staircase Locks at Bunbury. Ice and snow over the canal, trapping narrowboats against the bank. A friendly boatman cutting logs for his stove assured me it was snug and warm on board. Weird to see a large hare scurry across the even white surface of the canal; maybe he’d spotted the buzzard that broke cover moments later!

I found myself reflecting on some of the great writers you’ve introduced me to this year – Kate Ellis and Stuart Pawson, in particular. Also wondered what your ‘take’ might be on the significance of the seasons in crime fiction, eg the snow in Christopher Flowler’s ‘White Corridor’ or the Spring floods in Andrew Taylor’s ‘Naked to the Hangman’.

Enjoy the remaining festivities and all the best for 2011.


Anonymous said...

splendid reminder.

Dorte H said...

It´s been a cold, cold Christmas ... also in Denmark. We ventured to Sealand the other day, but it took a couple of extra hours what with snow, ice and fog.

Thanks for sharing these beautiful photos, and a belated Merry Christmas to you.

Martin Edwards said...

Thanks, everyone, for your comments.
Paul, I'm sure you'll like Ann Cleeves' Shetland books, each of which takes place in a different season. Hope to see you again in 2011.