Saturday, 5 February 2011

Dorte H and Nigel Bird

A very hasty week-end post to mention two enterprises by fellow bloggers that you might like to check out. First, Candied Crime, by Dorte H, a cosy/humorous collection. Many of you already know Dorte's work by way of her terrific blog, a blog in which a very pleasant personality always shines through.

Second, Nigel Bird of the Sea Minor blog has mentioned to me that his collection Dirty Old Town is now available as an e-book. Again, it strikes me that this kind of enterprise shows the potential of new(ish) media for writers, at a time when traditional publishing isn't really in a great state.

The connections that bloggers make with their readers is a source of constant fascination for me, and a shared enthusiasm for writing is one of the strongest bonds of all. So I hope Dorte, Nigel and others who are engaged on similar projects meet with success - and a good deal of enjoyment, too.


Anonymous said...

Martin - There really are lots of new ways in which writers are connecting with readers, and E-books is one of them. May I add to your post a strong recommendation for Candied Crime. It's a fine set of stories.

Dorte H said...

Thank you very much for the mention, Martin!

Nigel Bird said...

thank you for the posting.

i hope you don't mind me posting the Amazon UK link here - .
i've just been interviewed about e-books and i surprised myself with the answers i gave. mainly, i think the blogging community of writers and the talent that's around is amazing and i hope we all continue to use the technologies available for as long as we can hang in there. Good luck to Dorte also.