Sunday, 26 June 2011

The Isle of Man

Just back from a wonderful week-end in the Isle of Man. This is only a short post, as I have yet to prepare fully for a talk I'm giving tomorrow at the Lymm Festival, but I must just say how much I enjoyed my trip to the island.

Thanks to a recommendation from Chris Ewan, I was asked by Douglas Library to present my Victorian murder mystery event, and I must say that Jan Macartney, her colleagues Sue and Sharon from the library, and a great team of performers made it an evening to remember. The event was a sell-out, and a few people who turned up on the night had to be turned away as the Noble's Park Pavilion, where the event was held, was full to overflowing. I'll be honest, packed houses are rare in my career, so this was one to cherish!!

There were a few distinctive features to the evening. Usually, I give a talk at these events, but this time there was a Q and A session with Bob from Manx Radio, which seemed to go really well. And it was good to see Douglas Stewart and his family in the audience. Douglas, like Chris and me, combines a lawyer's life with that of a crime writer's.

Mind you, Chris is currently writing full time, and his is a name to watch as far as crime fans are concerned. Trust me, he will make it big in the future. It was a real treat to spend time with him and his wife Jo; very generous with their time, they took me around the island and proved to be perfect companions.


Margot Kinberg said...

Martin - Glad you had such a good time. Thanks for sharing the 'photos, and I wish you well with your talk. I hope you'll enjoy the Lymm Festival.

Paul Beech said...

Great to hear about your Manx weekend, Martin. Sounds like George Hargrave went down a storm and Chris Ewan was excellent company. Chris is clearly someone who can bring a place vividly to life; he did so with Venice in his guest post here a couple of weeks ago. Will look out his books.

It must have been a bit of a bugbear, upon returning, to have to prepare a talk. I’m thankful you did, though, as I shall be one of those reaping the benefits tonight! It’ll be fascinating to hear about the Detection Club from its first ever archivist. See you at the Golden Fleece!


aguja said...

Lucky you, with another library venue! I am glad that it was a success and a great weekend, Martin.

Anonymous said...

I am glad you had a wonderful weekend on the Isle of Man. I´ll add Chris Ewan to my list (another writer I enjoyed meeting in Bristol).

Paul Beech said...

Martin – Thank you for a thoroughly enjoyable event at The Golden Fleece on Monday night. It was great to see you again, lovely to see Helena, and I’m sure the whole audience loved it too.

Your talk was totally fascinating, not only in telling the story of the Detection Club up to WWII but in illuminating the Golden Age of British crime fiction. Many of the legendary authors featured (Chesterton, Bentley, Berkeley, Christie, Sayers, et al) as well as some of their lesser-known colleagues (S. S. Van Dine, Milward Kennedy, et al). There was much of interest about the club itself, from Ronald Knox’s Ten Commandments (“…not more than one secret passage or room…no Chinaman…”) to publication of ‘The Floating Admiral’. And much of human interest too, such as Agatha Christie’s famous disappearance and Dorothy L. Sayers’ secret love child – stories which add to our appreciation of these two very gifted but very different women.

One nugget I shall treasure was Dame Agatha’s fascination with motorways!

Of course, turning to the present day, it was good to hear about the Detection Club’s next round-robin novel, ‘The Sinking Admiral’, and that you’ll be a contributing author. Only hope you don’t get the last chapter! (Given your successful completion of the late Bill Knox’s novel ‘The Lazarus Widow’, though, I’m sure you’d do it very well.)

Hope you enjoyed the event too, Martin. Once again, you certainly brought credit to Lymm Festival. I’m tremendously pleased at now having an inscribed first (American) edition of ‘The Hanging Wood’ on my shelf and look forward to reading it.

Best wishes, Paul

Cozy in Texas said...

I stopped by your blog today.

Martin Edwards said...

Margot, Aguja, Dorte, many thanks. It's a great place. I'll post some photos shortly.
Paul, it was terrific to see you and I'm delighted you enjoyed the talk, as I enjoyed giving it!

Martin Edwards said...

Margot, Aguja, Dorte, many thanks. It's a great place. I'll post some photos shortly.
Paul, it was terrific to see you and I'm delighted you enjoyed the talk, as I enjoyed giving it!