Monday 29 December 2008

2008 in retrospect - 1

Here are some images which encapsulate just a few of the very many memorable aspects of my 2008.

It’s been quite an astonishing year – in the same week in July, I was short-listed for one literary award, and won another, my first. I published two new novels, and an anthology that I’d edited, and enjoyed their launches at great locations – the Hard Day’s Night Hotel, Manchester Central Library, and St George’s Hall – as well as running a short story competition, won by the deserving Cathy Roberts.

There were conventions at Bristol, Baltimore and Harrogate, and events at venues as diverse as the Lit and Phil in Newcastle, Waterstones in Liverpool One, and the Peabody Hotel opposite Baltimore’s Washington Memorial. I met for the first time such marvellous writers as Thomas H..Cook, P.D. James, Jason Goodwin, Tim Heald and Laurie King. And I was elected to the Detection Club.

I feel as though I’ve packed a lot in, and there have been times when I know I’ve made the mistake of trying to do too much. 2009 is likely to be quieter in some ways (no books to launch for a start – I need to finish the current work in progress first!) But if it’s half as much fun, it will still be pretty good.


Ali Karim said...

A wonderful year, well done and great to hear good news when there has been such utter cack on the economic sector.

Let's hope 2009 is a good one,


PS - read two Kate Atkinson's and now reading WHNE WILL THERE BE GOOD NEWS, marvelous stuff, she is an amazing writer

Kerrie said...

You had a wonderful year Martin. Well done, and may there be more to come.
I can't remember if I've invited you to take part in an activity over on my blog: Best reads for 2008.
I'd love you to participate if you have time.