Thursday 11 December 2008

Waterstones comes to Liverpool One

Yesterday evening was very enjoyable, after a long day which began with a board meeting in central Manchester at 8.30 am. During the day I travelled to Liverpool and by 6.30 I was ready for a glass of wine at the fabulous new Waterstone's bookstore that has just opened in the massive new development that is Liverpool One.

Among the attending authors was the comedian and writer Alexei Sayle, whom I hadn't met before. It was also good to see a couple of old friends, romance/saga writers June Francis and Lyn Andrews. (June is pictured with Alexei and me.) Lyn reminded June and me of one of our last get-togethers, with a group of six or seven other writers at Ormskirk, perhaps a decade back. Lyn now spends much of her time in Ireland. She's a mega-seller, but as charming and friendly as person as you could wish to meet.

The shop is truly impressive, ultra-spacious and well designed. I will always be a huge fan and supporter of independent bookstores, but I have to say that this is one of the best Waterstone's I've ever seen, brilliantly located and with staff, including the assistant manager Helen, seen in the photo, whose enthusiasm for books is clearly evident. If you visit Liverpool One (and you really should, if you get the chance), it's well worth a close inspection.

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Jane said...

I am visiting Liverpool One today so will check out the new store.