Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Scorpion Press and Original Sins

I'm delighted to report that I have received my copy of the Scorpion Press limited edition of the latest anthology that I have edited on behalf of the Crime Writers' Association, Original Sins. Although I once contributed a short story to an anthology that was turned into a limited edition, this is the first time that a book I have edited myself has been produced for the collectors' market.

Scorpion Press have been producing very attractive collectors' editions for about 20 years now, and I'm very pleased with their work on Original Sins. It is beautifully bound, and contains the signatures of all the contributors – including such leading lights of the genre as Reginald Hill, Christopher Fowler, Sophie Hannah and Andrew Taylor.

A special feature of the book – which did not appear in the mass-market hardback or paperback editions published by Severn House towards the end of last year – is an essay written by Michael Johnson, who runs Scorpion Press. This celebrates the work of the late Lionel Davidson, and Michael and I thought it was appropriate to pay tribute to Lionel's distinguished career in a CWA anthology, given that he won no fewer than three CWA Gold Daggers.

The reality is that relatively few of us buy mysteries in hardback at any time, let alone in rather more expensive limited edition formats. However, if you are ever on the lookout for a really attractive present of a special nature for a true mystery fan, it is worth keeping the productions of Scorpion Press in mind. I have picked up a few of their books over the years, and they are prized possessions. And Michael's dedication to the cause of publishing beautiful crime books does, I think, deserve a great deal of support.


Anonymous said...

Martin - Thanks very much for mentioning Scorpion Press. As you say, most of us don't buy limited collectible editions of books for ourselves. But it's nice to know that there are publishers out there who create those lovely editions.

Martin Edwards said...

Thanks, Margot, it certainly is nice to be aware of.

Michael Johnson said...

Thanks Martin for mentioning the latest Scorpion Press production.

The book has the same black leather and patterned black and white marbled design as for the previous Detection Club anthologies. And I was pleased that this particular volume demonstrated the breath and vibrancy of the crime & thriller at present. Authors such as Ann Cleeves, Barbara Nadel, Chris Sims, Zoe Sharp, Charles Todd and Laura Wilson deserve a mention.
It has 19 signatures including both halves of the American writer Charles Todd.

The inclusion of the Lionel Davidson tribute essay also helped to place the book in the enduring detection and crime tradition.

Sally Spedding said...

Books should be art Will definitely be ordering a copy.
A wonderful blog, Martin! Fascinating.
Looking forward to seeing you in Bristol.

Martin Edwards said...

Thanks, Michael.
Sally, see you there!

Ralph Jones said...

Lionel Davidson also wrote UNDER PLUM LAKE - the only kid's books he wrote under his own name. There's a new edition from Reinkarnation out on Thursday 31 March -also his birthday. It's not a crime thriller, or even a straight-forward children's book, but if you think he was a talented author then you'll be pleased to know UNDER PLUM LAKE contains some of his finest writing.

Martin Edwards said...

Thanks for letting me know, Ralph