Tuesday 2 September 2008

Crime Scenes

I’ve just received my author copy of Crime Scenes, a new anthology published by Wordsworth and edited by David Stuart Davies. David is best known as an expert on Sherlock Holmes, but in fact his criminal interests range far and wide and, in addition to his various novels, he has edited a considerable number of books for Wordsworth.

The contributors include some of my favourite British writers – Peter Lovesey, Margaret Murphy and Natasha Cooper among them. It’s good to see Jerry Sykes’ name on the list as well; he is a gifted specialist in the short form. Among the newer generation of crime writers to feature is Rafe McGregor, who also has Sherlockian leanings.

There’s a clear winner for the prize for best story title: ‘The Postman Only Rings When He Can Be Bothered.’ The author is Peter Guttridge.

My own contributions are two stories I wrote a few years back, both of which I’m rather fond of, ‘Eternally’ and ‘Melusine’.

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