Monday 29 September 2008

They can't all be wrong, surely!

I’m pleased - no, absolutely delighted is closer to the mark - to say that the cover of my next novel, Dancing for the Hangman, due to be published next month, will feature the following quotes from three gifted and highly successful authors for whom I have the utmost respect:

'An elegant, suspenseful, beautifully written reconstruction of Dr Crippen, revealing the man as never before, and also a thumping good novel.’
Frances Fyfield

‘An intriguing story told with intelligence, compassion and very great skill.’
Anne Perry

‘Martin Edwards dissects not only the facts but also the gaps and uncertainties in the historical record. This novel may bring us as close to the truth about Crippen as we are ever likely to get.’
Andrew Taylor


Kerrie said...

Sounds pretty good Martin. My copy of MYSTERIOUS PLEASURES arrived from BookMooch today, and the library tells me WATERLOO SUNSET is in too. :-)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Martin. What lovely quotes, I can see why you are so pleased!

Martin Edwards said...

Thanks, both of you.
I enjoyed writing this book perhaps more than any of my others - with the possible exception of Waterloo Sunset.