Sunday 7 September 2008


Encouraged by positive comments and emails, I've decided to do (or, rather, persuade my webmaster to do, in between A Level studies) a map of locations from the Lake District series.

Meanwhile, he's kindly included photographs illustrating the locations on the map of Liverpool that highlights places featured in Waterloo Sunset.

Newest addition to the blogroll is Laura Benedict's blog. Laura (pictured) is an American writer and I hope that we'll meet one of these fine days at a crime convention in the States.


Anonymous said...

What a lovely idea! I look forward to it. I'll also check out Laura's blog: it is always nice to have personal recommendations for blogs rather than solely relying on various technical wizardries to find them.

Laura Benedict said...

Thanks so much, Martin. And after meeting Adrian Muller at Bouchercon in Alaska, I hope to get to Crime Fest someday to meet everyone and see my books in the shops there! Blessings--L.

Juliet said...

The pics and maps for Waterloo Sunset on your website are excellent. A great idea and very good that you've persuaded the webmaster to do the same with the Lake District novels too. Look forward to seeing them.

Lesley Cookman said...

Thank God or whoever. I thought I was out in the wilderness with only romance writers for company.

May I join the blogroll?

Martin Edwards said...

Hi Lesley - the answer is yes, certainly!