Tuesday 4 November 2008

Back from Barcelona

Just returned from a four-night family break in Barcelona, which proved a bit more challenging than expected – a lost passport and absolutely torrential rain weren’t in the script, for a start. So my apologies for not tracking down an internet café and moderating the numerous very welcome comments on this blog as quickly as usual.

There were moments over the past few days when Barcelona seemed wetter than Manchester at its worst, but the sun did eventually materialise, and I enjoyed a look at one of Europe’s great cities, though I’d like to go back there one day in less fraught circumstances.

One enjoyable feature of the trip was the chance to do some concentrated reading in the evenings. Much as I love reading, and above all reading crime, I’ve not had as much time for it over the past year as I’d wish and so this was a real bonus. I’ll be posting about my thoughts on the books over the next week or so.

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