Thursday 27 November 2008

Much ado about Crippen

In the run-up to the publication of Dancing for the Hangman, I’ve added (or rather, my industrious webmaster has added) a new page to my website that covers the book and various aspects of the story of Dr Crippen’s misadventures. There is background detail about the facts of the case, suggested questions for readers’ group discussions and a photo gallery.

As with other pages of the website, I’m planning to develop these materials as time goes by. Whilst blog posts tend to be more topical, I see the website as a resource with the potential to carry a great deal of information for people interested in crime fiction and the writing of it generally, as well as in my books. (Of course, I hope that some visitors who are among the vast numbers who have never read my books will be tempted to sample one or two of them…)

There are also new pages on the website dealing with the Detection Club and the Crime Writers’ Association. They aren’t in any sense ‘official’ pages of these organisations, but meant to give interested people more information than is readily available elsewhere. These pages too will be expanded in weeks to come. Meanwhile, here are more pix from Tuesday night's launch of the book and competition prize giving.


Jane said...

Before Tuesday's event I met up with my friends, Peter and Cathy at Ma Egerton's - which features in the Dr Crippen book.
I look forward to reading the extra Dr Crippen material. I have almost finished the book and am thoroughly enjoyng it.

Clare Dudman said...

Great to have a web-page for a book - I shall make full use of this when I start reading Dancing the Hangman - a good Christmas read, I think!

Excellent evening - I really enjoyed it!

David Cranmer said...

I'm looking forward to checking out the website. Btw Dancing For The Hangman is a great title.

Martin Edwards said...

Thanks, everyone. Jane - I confess I've never been inside Ma Egerton's - is it good?

Les oneill said...

This establishment was closed for some time and I feared, given it's remarkable history, could be lost forever. I was delighted, therefore, to see it, following a make over, reopen. I went in for a beer and was horrified at the price, which was then "happy hour".This surely must rate as the most expensive pub in the whole of the city centre. However it would be a tragedy to lose it so I urge those of you who can afford to, please keep up your support.