Monday 18 May 2009

Back from Bristol

Crimefest 2009 was tremendous fun, and as I drove through the rain from Bristol back to Lymm, in the company of Kate Ellis, we reflected on an eventful and occasionally exhausting few days that, for several reasons, will linger long in the memory.

I suspect there are a good many crime convention-goers who, like me, are not naturally gregarious or sociable, but who nevertheless find these events represent unmissable dates in the calendar. There are always some excellent panels and events, and the chance to discover a few new writers of real merit. But for me the greatest pleasure is to spend time with old friends, and to make new ones.

I’ll be posting more thoughts inspired by Crimefest, but for now I’d just like to express my admiration for all the hard work done by Adrian, Myles and their admirable colleagues. In my experience, the whole crew are invariably helpful, friendly and efficient and they deserve the thanks of everyone who attended. Next year’s event runs from 20-23 May, and any crime fan who can make those dates is, I am sure, in for a real treat.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the dates. I went looking for them and couldn't find them anywhere.

Karen (Euro Crime) said...

I've got a bit about the guests:

Rod Duncan said...

Sounds great. I look forward to reading more of your crimefest inspired thoughts.