Saturday 22 August 2009

Ludlow Castle

Wednesday evening was a lot of fun. The Mystery Women event was organised by Kate Charles, of whom more another day, and the setting, Ludlow Castle in Shropshire, was quite idyllic – especially as the weather was very kind to us.

I was a member of a panel of eight writers. My colleagues, in addition to Kate, were Andrew Taylor, Marcia Talley (an American writer who deserves to be better known in the UK), Suzette Hill, Laura Wilson, Natasha Cooper and Phil Rickman. It proved to be a good mix. The one person in the group I hadn’t met in person before was Phil Rickman, although he has interviewed me on the radio a couple of times. So it was good to make his acquaintance, and to hear him tell the audience that there is serious television interest in his books featuring Merrily Watkins.

We had a capacity audience – selling 100 tickets for a literary event is quite an achievement, and a tribute to the organising skills of Kate, and those working with her. A special mention for the Castle Bookshop, which supported the event admirably. Each of us spent a few minutes talking about our books, and then there were questions from a group of readers who were very well-informed. The event lasted for close on two and a half hours in all, and even then it seemed too short – a sign of the enjoyable time we had.

I can’t think of many venues for writing panels that I’ve found as delightful as Ludlow Castle. It really does reek of history. Prince Arthur (the first husband of Catherine of Aragon, and brother of Henry VIII) spent time there, for instance. A truly memorable occasion. I’m very grateful to Kate for having invited me to be part of it.


Jilly said...

Kate Charles and Phil Rickman are favourite authors of mine and it's good to hear there's TV interest in Merrily Watkins.

Ludlow - now there's an atmospheric place if ever there was one. I went there some years ago and it reminded me of Glastonbury without the commercialisation.

Dorte H said...

Thanks for sharing these wonderful photos.

And when I hear about all these crime events you are gallivanting to I really wish I lived in Britain :)

We have one in Denmark, but in may which is when I have to begin thinking of exams to come in June.

crimeficreader said...

Great looking place, Martin. Hope you are enjoying your weekend in Oxford & looking forward to reading of that in due course too.

Jodie Robson said...

A Merrily Watkins series could be fun, though I don't think my other half will feel it's quite his cup of tea! Lovely pictures.

Minnie said...

Beautiful spot - and must have been a fascinating gathering.
Big fan of Phil Rickman, who set one of his Merrily Watkins series in Ludlow (based on the Castle's mediaeval ghost, which is an interesting - and documented - tale in itself).
Love the photos of the site + of Shrewsbury, which I used to know well. Thank you.

Martin Edwards said...

Hi Minnie. Thanks for your comment. I must add your blog to my blogroll.