Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Waterloo Sunset again

Here are a couple of photos from the launch of Waterloo Sunset at the Hard Day’s Night Hotel last week. The lower photo shows me with my business partner Richard Corran (centre) and the chief executive of Liverpool City Council, Colin Hilton. Above this is a photo with Colin and his partner Lyn, and on the left, fellow crime writer Margaret Murphy and her husband Murf. Reminders of a really enjoyable evening.

I’ve been gratified (and, yes, relieved, of course) by the very positive reaction of reviewers and readers to this book. A number of people whose judgment I trust and value have said that they think it’s my best so far. This is enormously encouraging, not least because it’s always difficult for authors to judge their own work in a truly dispassionate and objective way.

Amongst the reviews I’m thrilled with is a super one from Maxine Clarke in Shots

Of course, all positive reviews are very welcome, but it’s especially gratifying when a discriminating reader really ‘gets’ what one is trying to achieve with a book – which isn’t always the case. But Maxine’s reaction is exactly what I hoped for when I wrote the book. I did want it to be fast, funny and entertaining. But I didn’t want, in the process, to lose sight of the serious aspects of the story-line, and I’m truly glad that Maxine judges that the book met this particular test.


harriet said...

Great review -- congratulations. The books sounds excellent, too -- must look out for it.

Anonymous said...

Who is that handsome man with a moustache in the pictures? ;-)

Seriously, Martin, thanks for the comments, I am very flattered as they come from you, someone who certainly knows how to write (unlike me, a mere jobbing person, but at least I can empathise with a writer's intent -- I hope). I have written to Shots Mag and asked if they would be so kind as to remove the typo in the first sentence, but I am not sure if this will be possible.

All my best, and wishing Waterloo Sunset all the considerable success it undoubtedly deserves.