Monday, 14 July 2008

221b Baker Street

On my way to Park Lane for the CWA Daggers Awards on Thursday evening, I stopped for a few minutes in Baker Street and made a quick pilgrimage - my first ever - to 221b, where Sherlock Holmes once lived with Dr Watson. There is a museum on the site, a visit to which will be a must on a future occasion when I have more time to spare. But I had a glance at the museum shop, which contains a miscellany of items of Holmes memorabilia.

The Holmes phenomenon is unique. No other detective, real or fictional, has ever inspired such devotion and sustained interest. Even on a rather drab day, the place was packed with tourists and I was fascinated see the range of local businesses which milked the Sherlockian theme – there is even a ‘dry cleaners to the Sherlock Holmes Museum’.

So: Wembley, 221b Baker Street and a wonderful night at the Daggers – last Thursday will certainly live long in my memory.

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