Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Don't know much about art...

I took a day’s holiday from work yesterday to celebrate (or try to console myself about) my latest birthday. Because of the vile weather forecast, we headed for…well, Liverpool, where I work. A busman’s holiday, perhaps, but a rare chance to wander round and explore some of the city’s riches at leisure.

First stop was Tate Liverpool. I’m ashamed to admit that, since attending the preview when the Tate first opened in the city, I’ve hardly ever returned – even though this great gallery is only a short walk from my office, in the wonderful riverside setting of Albert Dock. But in 2008 there really was no excuse, because the Tate is staging an exhibition of the work of Gustav Klimt, and his Viennese compatriots, to commemorate Capital of Culture Year.

I knew very little about Klimt until recently, but the enthusiasm of others who have visited the show made me delve a little into his life and work, which are certainly interesting. The exhibition lived up to the hype, and I also grabbed the opportunity to take a look at the Tate’s current exhibition of modern(ish) abstract art, which included some brilliant pieces, as well as some that struck me as rather less brilliant.

I really enjoyed my close encounter with Gustav Klimt – his landscapes, for instance, were an unexpected treat - and I’ve decided to think of the whole experience as very pleasurably research. I’m not sure in precisely what way yet, but Gustav Klimt will certainly feature in my next Lake District Mystery. At last, with proof checking and other tasks out of the way, I'm aiming to get on with the new book - at last!


Juliet said...

Happy Birthday!!!

Still vaguely intending to get up there for the Klimt myself - it sounds so good. (Though needless to say, the summer calendar is already closing in on me and given the number of *unmissable* exhibitions in London that I end up missing, I don't hold out a vast amount of hope for myself!)

It's most intriguing to speculate on how Klimt is going to work his way into your next LD book. A good advance marketing ploy!

Anonymous said...

Many happy returns!
I am glad to read your news about working on the next Lake District book, as I've just finished The Arsenic Labyrinth and, naturally, am extremely eager to read the next one!

And Klimt, you should be so lucky. I have just been allowed to assist my younger daughter with her Art homework: Mark Rothko. She was fine until the "why did he paint?" question. Very challenging, based on available evidence.

Anonymous said...

Belated happy birthday, Martin! My you have had a good one...

Martin Edwards said...

Thanks! Maxine, my last visit long ago to the Tate was to a Rothko show. But it didn't live up to the advance billing as well as the Klimt did.
Juliet, worth bearing in mind that the Klimts cost so much to insure that the chances of their returning to UK in the forseeable future is slim.