Tuesday 14 April 2009

Easter Break

An enjoyable way of celebrating the fact I’ve finished the first draft of The Serpent Pool proved to be to invite two good friends, the crime writer Kate Ellis and her husband Roger, to spend Easter Monday with us.

I’ve just finished reading Kate’s latest book, and the first featuring Joe Plantagenet, Seeking the Dead (about which, more soon), only for her to break the news that she’s another book of hers has just come out – a sure sign that I can’t keep up! She has now produced sixteen crime novels, and has built up a loyal following.

The sun shone on us, and as we walked the circuit from the house that winds around Lymm Dam, we saw a heron and a couple of cormorants – a reminder to me that there is a beautiful world away from the desk and computer. I must get out and see a bit more of it!


Uriah Robinson said...

There is something beautiful about living close to water.
Bank Holidays in the past always seemed to be wet but since I retired they have become sunny. I am pleased for those that continue to work but wonder if this is the global warming effect or my selective memory.

Dorte H said...

I thought the name Kate Ellis sounded familiar and checked the pile I have brought with me to our cottage this week. And there I found her debut, The Merchant´s House, which I bought recently and plan to read soon (when I have finished The Cipher Garden).

Anonymous said...

Impossible to keep up with Kate. Seeking the Dead was ages ago, Martin! Even I have read it.

If you read this Kate, Adèle was asking how you are, just the other day. I can see you look great.

David Cranmer said...

Great pics and once again, congrats on the book.

Martin Edwards said...

Uriah, I am afraid I have become spoiled living by the Dam and would not now want to live in a house that wasn't by the water. It is restful, and helps to calm me down when working life is stressful.
Dorte, I'm confident you'll like Kate's books. The Plague Maiden is especially recommended.
Bookwitch, you're right. I fear I'm losing my grip!
David, as always your comment is appreciated.

Anonymous said...

Great title for the next book!

Paul Beech said...

I recently read ‘The Coffin Trail’ and really enjoyed it. Looking forward to reading the others in the Lake District series now, and it’s great to know a fourth is coming through, ‘The Serpent Pool.’ It’s certainly a title to fire the imagination.

I imagine there might have been more exhaustion than exultation at the moment of sitting back in your seat after tapping out ‘THE END’ (in 24 point, like Daniel Kind?), but I’m sure the exultation has followed! To have the draft done at last, even if there is the odd passage you’re itching to tweek. To know you’ve pretty well nailed it despite a little inevitable nervousness about how the book will be received. To resurface and enjoy the here and now again - the company of good friends, Lymm Dam, that heron (Little Egret?), those cormorants… Congratulations!

It’s amazing you’re able to write so well and keep your excellent blog going whilst working full time, but I’m jolly glad you are. Having taken early retirement I’m enjoying re-engaging with the crime scene – the fictional crime scene, that is! – and I find your critical writings and blog excellent guides (love Ann Cleeves). Just wondering whether we might look forward to a book-length modern history of the crime story from you some day, a sort of update on Julian Symons’ classic ‘Bloody Murder’?

Regards, Paul

Martin Edwards said...

Paul, very good to hear from you and many thanks for your remarks. As for a new Bloody Murder (for many years my favourite crime reference book)I would certainly love to have a crack at it one day!