Monday 20 April 2009

Ghost Walk

I’ve returned from a hugely enjoyable weekend at the Crime Writers’ Association annual conference in Lincoln. This was organised by Roger Forsdyke, a very experienced police officer and long-standing member of the CWA, with help from his wife Penny and various colleagues in the CWA. Roger did a great job, and there were numerous highlights.

The first came on Friday evening, with a ghost walk around the city’s historic castle and cathedral area, only a stone’s throw from the hotel where we were staying. Here are some photographs from the evening – the weather was much sunnier than one normally associates with a ghost walk, but appearances deceive, as it was rather cold. But in the low evening sun, Lincoln looked lovely. Not a city I know too well, but it's very appealing.

In the photo featuring the cannon, incidentally, you may recognise a number of very talented writers – Robert Richardson, Keith Miles, Judith Cutler, Rebecca Tope, Peter Lovesey and Kate Ellis.


Dorte H said...

Beautiful pictures!
One should think that as a Danish citizen, I had seen my share of red brick, but I never grow tired of them. In my eyes they are the most beautiful building material in the world.

NB: I just heard that Bookwitch had trouble getting her hands on one of your books. I am happy to say I could send her a link immediately so she doesn´t have to go without Daniel Kind´s company :)

Martin Edwards said...

Thanks very much indeed, Dorte!
You will have guessed that getting my books out to prospective readers is one of the great challenges - and I talked to various writers at Lincoln who have much the same difficulty!

Pyzahn said...

Yes, these are beautiful pictures. I'm going to check the library and see if they have your books.

Have you read Denise Mina? She's Scottish and I love reading her work. The Dead Hour and Slip of the Knife (tho Knife had a different name for the UK). I also love Kate Atchinson. Don't know why suddenly I've found the Scots-women.

Thanks for visiting Prattle.

Martin Edwards said...

Greetings, Pyzahn. I haven't read Denise Mina yet, though I have a couple of her books on my tbr pile. As well as a new paperback by another Scottish woman writer, Caro Ramsay which looks good.

Anonymous said...

Hope people didn't drop dead as speedily as they do in Eborby.

Martin Edwards said...

Hi Bookwitch - yep, I suspect that Eborby will in due course rival Midsomer, and let's hope it also features on tv!

Peter Rozovsky said...

All part of the literary cannon, are they?

I have wanted to visit Lincoln since I wrote a paper for an art history seminar some eyars ago about the iconography of some of the sculpture at the cathedral. I want to approach the cathedral from the west, to see that imposing facade.
Detectives Beyond Borders
"Because Murder Is More Fun Away From Home"

Martin Edwards said...

Hi Peter - a joke worthy of me!
You will love Lincoln.
It's a place I'd like to get to know much better.