Tuesday 22 February 2022

Music of the Night

Today sees the official publication of Music of the Night, the latest anthology of the Crime Writers' Association. The publishers, Flame Tree Press, have made a lovely job of production of the book. I've been editing the CWA anthologies since the mid-90s and I continue to enjoy the privilege of being the first person to receive so many wonderful stories. As I've said before, the only regret is that there is never space for all of them. However, the 25 that I did manage to fit into this book offer a very varied mix and there have already been some wonderful reactions from a wide range of bloggers who kindly took part on a blog tour organised by Flame Tree.

The contributors range from Diamond Dagger winners (four of them) to authors who have never previously featured in a CWA anthology (nine people in all). The range of approaches to the linking theme of music is, I think, utterly fascinating. 

To whet your appetite, here is a list of the stories:

Abi Silver – Be Prepared

Alison Joseph – A Sharp Thorn

Andrew Taylor – Wrong Notes

Antony M Brown – The Melody of Murder

Art Taylor – Love Me or Leave Me

Brian Price – The Scent of an Ending

Cath Staincliffe – Mix Tape

Catherine Aird – The Last Green Bottle

Chris Simms - Taxi

Christine Poulson – Some Other Dracula

David Stuart Davies – Violin CE

Dea Parkin – The Sound and the Fury

Jason Monaghan – A Vulture Sang in Berkeley Square

Kate Ellis – Not a Note

L C Tyler – His Greatest Hit

Leo McNeir – Requiem

Martin Edwards – The Crazy Cries of Love

Maxim Jakubowski – Waiting for Cornelia

Neil Daws – The Watch Room

Paul Charles – The Ghosts of Peace

Paul Gitsham – No More I Love Yous

Peter Lovesey – And the Band Played On

Ragnar Jonasson - 4x3

Shawn Reilly Simmons – A Death in Four Parts

Vaseem Khan – Bombay Blues  

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