Wednesday 1 October 2008

Cover Art

The artwork for the cover of Dancing for the Hangman is very different from that for my other books. The publishers, Flambard, are keen to make it clear that this is a different sort of novel, and although my initial reaction to the cover was mixed, it is growing on me. The artwork is by an artist called Harry Holt and it is called ‘Sand Ridge’.

I’d be interested in views (though if they are negative, it’s too late!) because the question of cover art always intrigues me and I’m still not really sure what makes a great book cover.

Here is a link to the relevant Flambard page:

Flmbard Press - Dancing For The Hangman


Roger Cornwell said...

That URL gets chopped off before the end in my browser. Click here to reach Dancing for the Hangman on the Flambard site.

As we look after the Flambard Press web site, I have seen an earlier version of the cover which you can see here. To my mind it is over-literal, its replacement is better.

Martin Edwards said...

Thanks, Roger; Jonathan has now fixed the link, all being well.
I've not seen that earlier image before, and I agree with you.