Friday 10 October 2008

Criminal Tendencies

I’ve been asked to contribute to an anthology to be published by that nice independent publisher Crème de la Crime in spring next year. The title will be Criminal Tendencies and the idea of the book is to raise funds for the Genesis Appeal, which works in the field of breast cancer prevention. Given that my wife’s mother died very young of this terrible disease, I am acutely aware of the effect it can have on people’s lives, and the importance of trying to do more to combat it.

I’m not sure if the full roster of contributors to the book has been finalised, but I gather that it includes the likes of Reginald Hill – a writer of short stories that are quite as wonderful as his novels; ‘The Rio de Janeiro Paper’ and ‘On the Psychiatrist’s Couch’ are particular favourites of mine – and Mark Billingham.

I’ve not been involved with a charity anthology before and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it will raise a decent sum for the Genesis Appeal, as well as entertaining plenty of readers.


Sarah Hilary said...

Congratulations, Martin! I like Mark Billingham's stuff, too. That anthology looks great.

Juliet said...

What an excellent idea. I will certainly be buying a copy!